To Give and Let Give


Andy Denk’s service for gentlemen from all over the world began 30 years ago. Each location taught him what makes a butler “outstanding” without standing out. The classic virtues of politeness, loyalty, sincerity and discretion were and remain essential.

They create the fundamentum and standard of an excellent Servant, which is DenkService’s mission.


The classic Butler service for royal dynasties of the past is nowadays hard to find. The modern Butler of the 21st century faces diverse challenges which make him versatile. Ideally, he should encompass the following functions:

  • The classic Butler takes on domestic and organizational tasks that you cannot or do not want to carry out. He is the good spirit of the house and the aristocrat under the servants whom he delegates and coordinates.
  • The modern Butler might be a lateral entrant coming from the hotel industry, gastronomy or tourism industry. Being an allrounder and general drudge, he also acts as a servant. He shoulders responsibility for more tasks than at the turn of the century.
    He does the cleaning, picks up the child from the Kindergarten and does the laundry. He should also possess knowledge about the most recent developments our technological age brought forward.
  • The Personal / Private Assistant (PPA) manages and organizes classic office tasks. 
    He researches and archives, has his eye on appointments, your private event planning and their organization. He also watches over individual concierge services and cares for your guests and VIPs.  
  • The life-companion is your third pillar of support, springboard, sixth sense, catalysator, good spirit or bastion of calm.