Preparer and Travelling Companion

Are you looking for a travelling companion or several travel partners?

Someone who will take care of you and /or the organization and planning of a journey on behalf of you and your family?


We focus on your well-being so that you can unwind and enjoy all the different impressions your journey brings with all your senses.


DenkService possesses years of experience and built a network of highly trained individuals who will swiftly assemble a smoothly functioning team for you, your family or entourage. We will take you there and bring you back. We are your companion, your tracker, your “third eye” as well as your secretary, telephone, driver and pilot.



Please contacts us directly at any given time.


Tour Baikal 2019

Erforschungsreise einer zukünftigen Wasserroute


Tour Baikal 2019

Exploration trip of a future water route


Тур Байкал 2019

Ознакомительная поездка будущего водного маршрута