An Idea Becomes an Event

When people come together, more than what was planned should have room to unfold.

You tell me about your intention and I – with my experience, feeling and sound judgement – will help to manifest your idea and shall present you with an event including all details you desired.

The following fringe events are especially close to my heart:

· Corporate events ·

· Consumer events ·

· Exhibition events ·

· Staff events ·

· Charity / Social / Cultural Events ·

· Public events ·

· Community commitments ·

· Social gatherings ·

or simply

· Matter of the heart ·


I am available  to you and your guests disposal at all times and am your loyal representative from your reception to your farewell.


Tour Baikal 2019

Erforschungsreise einer zukünftigen Wasserroute


Tour Baikal 2019

Exploration trip of a future water route


Тур Байкал 2019

Ознакомительная поездка будущего водного маршрута