Training in service

Andy Denk’s guiding principle as a Butler Trainer

"Each person offers many potentials which another one requires or can utilize."

Andy Denk has been working as a trainer and lecturer at Butler training events since 2006 as well as a trainer and coach for your domestic staff.

 His special focus lies on:

Soft skills

· Insight into human nature ·

· Estimation of one’s own strengths and when it is important to delegate while remaining in the background

 · Needs assessment for guests ·
· Improvisation with a high-quality standard ·
· Compliant management as an opportunity for development and market advantage ·
· Effective use of voice (not words) in special situations ·


· Living and working on a yacht ·
· Service training (special knowledge about wine, cigars, whiskeys) ·
· Essential knowledge and utilization of a bar ·
· Butler service for individuals new to having servants ·
· Handling priorities of others ·
· History of the profession and current challenges ·
· Grooming and care of clothes ·
· Job application training ·
· Career counselling for young individuals ·

Technical skills

Technical skills

· Fast and safe handling of modern electronic appliances at home ·
· Driving safely while communicating ·
· Reception, service, farewell of guests – formal/informal ·
· Service: English, Russian, French or Buffet ·
· Spoken and written salutations ·
· International standards of hygiene ·

Do you have questions? Please contact me directly.

+41 79 222 43 60